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Women’s Key Trends A/W 22/23-#ParedBackBohemia

First spotted at Copenhagen Fashion Week, #ParedBackBohemia evolves #ConsideredCraft and #FolkloricDiscovery trends. Explore 70s influences with a minimalist twist. Aesthetics are driven by long-over-long layering, a soft colour palette, nature-inspired finishes and transseasonal, interchangeable accessories.



  • The key colour trends: You can look the corresponding color up in Pantone .

Coloro: A: 048-39-19, B: 128-61-22, C: 024-45-20, D: 062-57-10, E: 036-89-06, F: 028-55-30

Pantone: A: 18-0430 TCX, B: 17-3930 TCX, C: 17-1147 TCX, D: 17-0210 TCX, E: 11-0103 TCX, F: 16- 1149 TCX

  • Materials and details:

Key fabrics: micro textures, fashion quilting , ivory shearling , natures fibres , cosy fleece , rustic texture, refined ribs, recycled denim

Key print and pattern: homestead florals, horti-cool, inked, naturestexture, BlanketStripes, GardenFlorals

Key materials and details: wrapped silhouettes, utility pockets, draping , crafted details, craft culture, LongOverLong , Fringing , Beads, blanket edgestitch , florals embroidery

How to match ?

How to use in bag? Minimalist bag matches ParedBackBohemia apparel making people more casual and romantic.

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